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Gold Brazilian Keratin 100ml + Clarifying Shampoo 150ml COCOCHOCO

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This pack contains

Clarifying Shampoo 150ml

Highly effective Clarifying shampoo required for preparing your hair for Brazilian keratin. The mixture of cleaning components, which cleans your hair thoroughly and eliminates all surface contaminants, allows better penetration of keratin into the internal structure of hair. The advanced modern technology of the shampoo increases the pH value and opens the skin beneath your hair for optimal results.

To be used only before the application of Brazilian keratin. Not recommended for regular use!

Gold Brazilian Keratin 100ml

FOR HAIR: all types, strongly damaged, dyed, stubborn, difficult to condition

The COCOCHOCO Gold Brazilian Keratin regenerates, recovers and straightens your hair and it also guarantees exceptional shine and softness of your hair without any stress. Gold Keratin prevents further damage to your hair. It provides the perfect look even in harsh weather conditions. Gold Keratin is enriched with 24 carat gold. The straightening of hair using this keratin does not cause the loss of volume of your hair. It leaves your hair straight, smoothed and ultra-shiny. It significantly reduces the absorption of water into the hair structure, protecting the hair from damage from salt water and also reducing the time for hair drying. This way it protects your hair from excessive drying out and any damage

COCOCHOCO Gold contains pure keratin, which is a natural component of hair, skin and nails. Recovers damaged hair and delivers a healthy and soft appearance. Gold Keratin does not contain formaldehyde or harmful allergens.

  • Straightens and smooths your hair, but at the same time does not reduce its volume
  • Gives your hair the ultimate shine
  • Extremely strengthens and nourishes your hair - restores damaged hair and further strengthens healthy hair
  • Saves time - after the treatment decreases the time for hair drying up to 60% and facilitates final styling
  • Provides antistatic effect
  • Provides protection against adverse external influences (sun, rain, frost)
  • Gold Keratin is the ideal choice for all who want to have strong and healthy, straight and shiny hair


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I tried keratin at home. The hair is amazingly shiny and soft, without frizz. Only the ends remained frayed. I will definitely buy again.

      star star star star star

      After application, the hair glitters beautifully, shines and is pleasant to the touch

          star star star star star

          The product is amazing, I have beautiful fine, shiny and especially straight hair.

              star star star star star

              I was pleasantly surprised at how well keratin works. My hair is beautifully smooth and not frizzy at all. Although I used to have it done only in a hairdresser's, the result is the same when used the product by myself at home and it will definitely be cheaper. I think the price corresponds to the quality.

                  star star star star star

                  + Lightweight application
                  + Great result right from the first application

                  I decided on keratin after reading several discussions on the web. My hair was badly damaged by ironing, coloring and frost. After the first application, the hair shines beautifully, it looks healthy and strong. I definitely recommend, I'm extremely satisfied.

                      star star star star star

                      My hair is beautifully straight and shiny and even after x days my hair still smells great :)

                          star star star star star

                          + I don't know yet, I applied for the first time and I don't know how long and in what quality it will last.
                          -I don't know any for now.

                              star star star star star

                              Keratin is the best product I have ever put on my hair in my life. It's really worth it, I would recommend it to everyone.