Argan Oil 50ml COCOCHOCO

Argan oil has been designed for a long-term effect with everyday use. This oil is made from natural herbal ingredients and its composition guarantees shiny and healthy look for all types of hair.

Boost Up Mask 500ml COCOCHOCO

The mask provides professional treatment for damaged hair. Restores damaged hair structure. Regenerates hair from the roots. Hair is healthy and shiny.

Ceramide Conditioner for Colour-Treated Hair 500ml COCOCHOCO

The conditioner has been developed based on a new formula consisting of natural ingredients. The conditioner softens and restores your hair, while increasing the level of hydration.

Ceramide Conditioner for Dry and Brittle Hair 500ml COCOCHOCO

The conditioner immediately softens and heals damaged hair while increasing the level of hydration for silky smooth and shiny hair.

Ceramide conditioner for volume 500ml COCOCHOCO

The conditioner is produced according to a new formula for rejuvenating your hair. The conditioner immediately softens your hair, helps increase the level of hydration and your hair is shiny and feels soft.

Ceramide cream for hair volume 125ml COCOCHOCO

The cream for hair volume has been developed on the basis of a new formula containing natural herbal ingredients. Everyday application increases the volume and hair is smoother.

Ceramide cream for split ends 125ml COCOCHOCO

The cream heals and regenerates damaged hair fibres and covers each hair root in a protective film which will protect your hair against the daily stress and various stress factors. Everyday use of the cream will make your hair stronger and will give you healthy ends protected against further breaking.

Ceramide cream for thermal protection of hair 125ml COCOCHOCO

The cream ensures maximum protection against heat damage, while it smooths your hair for perfect styling after hair drying. This professional hair cream immediately strengthens, protects and prepares your hair for easy and quick drying, achieving shiny and smooth results.

Ceramide Shampoo for Dry and Brittle Hair 500ml COCOCHOCO

The shampoo contains natural herbal ingredients which give the hair complete hydration and prevent the emergence of ruffled hair ends. This shampoo helps strengthen and regenerated, grow and hydrate your hair.